A Man’s LEGacy The Chronicles of Bill Zabelny

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From Award Winning Author Bill Zabelny

Who doesn’t LOVE a good trilogy? 

The Life

The Career

The Message

Action, Suspense, Pathos, Love, Adventure, Anger, Death, Amputation and a Prosthetic Leg. Want to know more?


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29 reviews for A Man’s LEGacy The Chronicles of Bill Zabelny

  1. Sherry Hammons

    Very interesting, compelling and funny book. Bill Zabelny has had amazing accomplishments in the hockey field and is very successful as an independent contractor of RMC Meetings and Events. He encourages other amputees to never give up on their dreams. He is an example of what you can do if you have the will and heart to carry on.

  2. Tabitha Wunderlich

    Bill, I so enjoyed reading your book. Loved it! You have an incredible story and wonderful that you shared it!

  3. Christopher Gilbertson

    Let’s just start by saying I’m not a reader. The last book I read in its entirety, that was not required for school work, was “Stuart Little” in 3rd grade. Until this book… I picked it up and finished it in two sittings. Moving and inspirational to the point a guy that never reads for pleasure had a hard time putting it down. That’s saying something.

  4. Doug Brady

    Great read, interesting, inspiring, and educational from cover to cover. An exceptional example of what can happen with courage and determination.

  5. J. Zalusky

    Read your book over the past weekend. You write pretty much the way you
    speak, which is a great quality. Really liked learning your full back
    story–I only knew bits and pieces till now, mostly third-hand. You’ve
    had to overcome a lot, and I’m in awe of what you’ve been able to
    accomplish. Inspirational!

  6. Ron and Darlynn Eagle

    Bill …. Your book was inspiring with its “don’t quit / I can do anything” motivational message. Life is too short for too many, especially for those with no support groups to help. You are one Lucky Man!

    Bill…. Well done. Keep up the much needed work to get your story and message out to others. I am sure there are many people who would find your story helpful in facing, and overcoming, their own challenges.


    Great book, once you pick it up it’s hard to put down. Funny, heartwarming, sad and very inspiring. Gives you the feeling that nothing is impossible.

  8. Gary Mahoney

    Being a personal friend and fellow hockey player of Bill, I was one of the first in line to purchase his book and read about his most interesting saga of how he got to become the man that he is. Bill has the “never quit” mentality that is not only inspiring and motivational but contagious as well. Mr. Bill Zabelny is a true modern day warrior.

  9. Doug Court

    I have only known Bill as a recreational hockey player with the Elder Skatesmen and we have all been incredibly impressed with his ability to play without really thinking through how that happened. His book was a an eye opener to say the least. I believe we all thought that, yes, he was involved in some kind of car accident, he lost his leg, got the stump stitched up and in no time was out playing hockey. His explanation of all the steps, all the agony, physically and mentally and the support of his family is an inspiration to us all. This is a book everyone should read.

  10. Mike Stieber

    An inspiring book and a story well told. Ice hockey is a big part of Bill’s journey and the book will be of special interest to fellow players. At the core though it is a story of personal triumph, of the importance of family and what someone can accomplish when they have the will and determination to do so. I am glad that I got to know Bill’s story and feel that I am better for it. I once saw a quote that said “Accept no one’s definition of your life, define yourself”. That is what Bill has done. Hopefully there will be another book so that I may continue to be inspired by Bill’s journey.

  11. Tim Rabbitt

    A truly inspirational read. Your positive attitude and a belief that anything is possible has always been contagious. Thanks for sharing your story, I’m sure it will encourage all who read.

  12. Michelle Jamin

    Bill relives his journey of living with limb loss in a very selfless and humble manner. I would recommend this book to anyone who has experienced any type of loss as Bill will inspire you to move forward and conquer your life.

  13. Jayson Brussell

    The last 6+ years,I have known Bill only through our love of Hockey.I remember the first time i skated with him. After,in the locker room,I realized he had lost his leg.To this day, I am amazed at the level he plays at and how incredibly hard that is. His everyday hat trick consists of mind,body and spirit , so very easy to say but undeniably hard to pull off.I applaud the Endolite company for giving Bill and so many others what they need to fulfill their dreams.After reading his book,I now meet the man again but from behind the curtain of his life. I am honored,humbled and inspired just knowing him!

  14. Dylan D (verified owner)

    Being a young man entering the business world this book taught me a lot. Through Bill’s words, I was able to see the importance of perseverance and organization both in the workplace and life. What I enjoyed most was that it was a real setting, it was written how people talk thus easy to relate to and easy to comprehend. As I carry on through life I will always keep in mind the Five Fingers of Harmony, and make sure to utilize them to the fullest. Thank you for a great book Minister Bill Zabellenuvueo!

  15. Robin Burton – Executive Director for OPAF & The First Clinics

    Just finished Billy Zabelny’s book “A Man’s LEGacy’ and I am moved. Billy has been a friend for years and I knew some of his story. His book creates a picture of his life, his love of hockey and his viewpoints as an individual with lower limb amputation. I hope you’ll take the time to read and explore the rest of the story of who Billy is and why. Here’s to the First Ever!!

  16. Brian Croft

    Over 10 years now I have been lucky enough to play rec hockey with Bill. So had to read his book and was the first Canadian to get my hands on an autographed copy! Bill’s story: of overcoming adversity, of being inspired by his brother, how hockey (best sport in the world!), and his wife guided his path to all he has achieved so far. Yet not in the book so much is the sheer exuberance, big smile, and zest for life that my friend exudes. He’s so positive, and spreads it wherever he is. For me, that will be his true legacy!

  17. Alan Litwin

    Bill’s story is an amazing inspirational story of overcoming adversity and modestly living an incredibly successful life. He is a successful businessman and deals with challenges daily, unbeknownst to those around him. The book, as well as Bill himself, will inspire you to be the best you can be. This is an easy, quick read that I have shared with many colleagues who all felt the same way.

  18. Dorie Beacham

    Bill’s story is an amazing one and his passion is apparent in everything he does. He is truly an inspiration and inspires everybody who is fortunate enough to come into contact with him.

  19. Alan J Kercher BOCP

    Quite an eye opener for those not understanding what limb loss is or can be about. In today’s world to see such character displayed through his life is refreshing. Cheers to many more years & who knows, a sequel. To an outstanding & great fellow who always has a smile in his face. Pleasure to be his friend! 🍻

  20. Joseph Garner

    Bill’s story is one of overcoming adversity and achieving unimaginable goals. He tells an inspiring tale of how a horrific and devastating injury in his youth instilled priceless life lessons that led him to the Hockey Hall of Fame and a successful business career. The challenges of is injury strengthened his character, fed his competitive spirit, and bolstered his resolve. There are great lessons within for all. I am proud to consider Bill a friend and a fellow Groundhog!

  21. kelly kwasnicki (verified owner)

    I read A Man’s LEGacy over a couple weeks time as my nightly bedtime story. The book was a delightful read with a little bit of something for everyone. It has joy, sadness, humor, a touch of romance and a lot of inspiration. Oh yeah, it has Hockey!
    I found it very refreshing to read. It is apparent that this book was written with a tremendous passion for life. I can’t wait for the movie!
    P.S. GTS is my new favorite acronym.

  22. Elizabeth Cronin

    I enjoyed reading your book very much. What an inspirational story! Thank you for sharing your journey, and congratulations on your book!

  23. Mickey Moses

    An inspirational story, reminding me that whatever tragedy may befall us, “Never give up!” Bill’s brother Rob, with his words “GET OUT OF THAT WHEEL CHAIR, BECAUSE YOU CAN” launched Bill to a successful athletic and business career, in spite of the traumatic events that led to a below knee amputation. His love of peanut butter is second only to mine, and I know that the one goal he was not able to achieve was to beat Canada just once! This is an amazing story of trauma and tragedy, feeling sorry for oneself, and then deciding to get up out of the chair, off the floor, and make something of self and life. And I am fortunate to call Bill “my friend!”

  24. Jack Kelleher

    A quick read; full of uplifting takeaways: on processing a traumatic event (at a young age)…overcoming obstacles…never giving up on pursuing one’s passion(s)…achieving extreme success through hard work and persistence…balancing professional/personal worlds…and life lessons learned along the way. Billy invokes humor and humility in sharing his story and his “five fingers of harmony” exercise yields a useful, memorable message. Congratulations and thank you, Billy.

  25. Lenny Langevin

    This is a great read! A very inspiring story of overcoming a traumatic event and living a productive and enjoyable life! I grew up with a friend that had what Billy’s brother had and got tears in my eyes when he told Billy “GET OUT OF THAT WHEEL CHAIR, BECAUSE YOU CAN”.

  26. Pat Quinn

    This book tells us to live the best life we can regardless of our limitations. Wonderful things are possible if you are open to them and are willing to work hard for them. Billy’s story is full of ups and downs and wins and losses, just like life. Ultimately, it is about being a good human being. It is a compelling and compassionate story.

  27. Al Pagano

    A well written and inspirational read! I have had the pleasure of skating with Billy for the last 3-4 years. He always has a positive attitude and continues to be a tough player on the ice. This book reflects the true competitor he really is!

  28. Jim Vogel

    I’m honored to skate with Billy every time we take the ice! Picked up a signed copy the day I heard about his book. Thanks for sharing your story Billy! I found the book inspirational…an uplifting and motivating story, your attitude toward life’s ups and downs is an example for us all. A great message…stay positive and persistently pursue your dreams with hard work and life balance! A great read!

  29. Jimbo

    I certainly enjoyed learning more about the man that I’ve laced the skates up with. I prefer to play on his team , but I don’t mind against him if I must lol.
    Billy is a great human being if you asked me, and fine humanitarian. I found his book quite touching and inspiring,thank you Billy🤙🏼

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