Who doesn’t LOVE a good trilogy?

Experience one man’s journey of Action, Suspense, Pathos, Love, Anger, Death, Amputation... and a Prosthetic Leg. WANT TO KNOW MORE?

The Trilogy

Experience one man’s Epic journey of Action, Pathos, Love, Anger, Death, Amputation…and a Prosthetic Leg.



Born William Michael Zabelny, the fourth of four children, I found myself always searching for an identity. Feeling lost amongst two brothers and one sister older than me, I consistently sought the attention of our parents as well as fighting to get second helpings at the dinner table. Sounds like business as usual.


To be allowed to skate on the hallowed ice of the 1980 rink in Lake Placid, NY was an unforgettable experience. The surface itself was in fantastic shape for its age and as I skated around the oval, I made sure that I looked up at the bleachers and imagined what that moment of victory must have felt for the ‘Miracle Men’ who defeated the Russians during the XIII Olympic Winter Games.


I am a firm believer that I can always learn and adapt to something new and I don’t know it all. That voracious approach to learning is what has driven me to the positive successes in my life. Focus on these topics and make them your own. Or, create something perfect, entirely BRAND-NEW. You have the ability to create your own path to success!


The Humor…

Alternative Uses for a Prosthetic Leg #1 A Portable Chair

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